Understanding Manifestation

Impermanence is both a process of continual loss, in which things exist and then disappear, and it is also a process of continuous rebirth or creativity, in which things that do not exist suddenly appear.

Overstand the concept of Manifesting...Within it you WILL have loss. You WILL have pain. You WILL have removal. But in this, know that things HAVE TO BE shaken up for things to sift into the correct position...

Loss empties you so you can refill properly...Old shoes are painful until you step up to own BIGGER Shoes...Storms May rage, but the rain from those storms cleanses the view from the dust clouds of life and the smokescreens of uncertainty. The downpour nourishes the ground that you walk during your travels upon your designated path. Clouds are seen but know that the Sun is right behind it.

Overcoming is Manifesting...Even and especially in struggle. It is in times of tribulation that one is introduced to his/her true self. The greatest version of “You” comes within the most difficult times. That version puts manifests through the times where you are the most focused.

This manifestation of strength within oneself is only limited to a certain number of appearances. This is the “Jesus Resurrection” in yourself...Just as “Jesus” resurrected in the Bible, so do you during these periods. The strongest version of who you are resurfaces to elevate you. Make those moments count. Personally, I have a few more of those appearances within myself in this life...I understand that, after all the appearances that has manifested itself within my lifetime...

You just gotta make them count as you age.

~ H Eddie

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