Look Within For Your Answers

In my early years, I felt a lot of things within my existence But mostly, I felt like I didn’t understand life. Have you ever thought about it? What is life? What are you supposed to do? It’s not like babies are shipped with manuals that teaches them to be awesome human beings.

I remember a time when I was at my lowest. For the first time in my life, I started looking for answers because I was tired of just living/existing without purpose. Even though there’s no right or wrong way to live your life, there are certain universal principles that lead to a happy, healthy life.”

It takes principles. I think everyone KNOWS the principles. It is the compass which guides us through life. Everyone does. 99% of the time people just don’t do what they know. They don’t trust themselves with what speaks to them within.

People are comfortable receiving instructions...Being told what to do and how to live. Without it, People stop listening to what their moral compass shows them. Being a child, if you hit another child, innately you knew it was wrong. No one had to tell you it was wrong. Thing is, if no one chastised or punished you for doing what you did, you would continue, even while knowing it’s wrong. Get it?

That was about the best piece of wisdom I’ve ever heard in my life.

People hardly do what they say. People mostly only own opinions of those who do.

~ H Eddie

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