Fighting Your Battles

A wonderful analogy I’m sharing. Read this earlier and I’m paraphrasing it for you all...

The Eagle does not fight the snake on the ground. It picks it up into the sky and changes the battle ground, and then it releases the snake into the sky.

The snake has no stamina, no power and no balance in the air. It is useless, weak and vulnerable unlike on the ground where it is powerful wise and deadly.

Take your fight into the spiritual realm. Take your fight away from where the evil reside and take it higher...Level up. Get healthy. Get strong. Read a lil more. Calm yourself. Meditate. Work on your vision. Love on your family. Avoid toxic banter. Avoid negativity. Once you are lifted, their power is taken away.

Don't fight the enemy in his comfort zone, change the battle grounds like the Eagle...Be in charge of your peace and tap into your power...You'll be assured of clean victory.