A Set of Keys

The Best gift you can give yourself is the set of keys to move on to living your life.

The first key is the "No" key...Learning to say "No" is your key to freedom. It is the scissors that cuts the umbilical cord from life’s parasites. Know that it's ok to say "No". You free yourselves once you master this.

The second key is the key of "Confidence". It is pointless living a life if YOU feel you can't reach YOUR OWN Destiny. Listen, You know "YOU" better than anyone else can tell you about "You". Take that knowledge of Yourself and do what's necessary for You. Some May call it Swag. Some May call it arrogance. You should call it being comfortable being who you are.

The third key is trusting yourself. You HAVE to be able to step out of what's comfortable in order to find out what you are capable of. You will never know your limits if you limit yourself to only what you know. This separates Boys from Men. This separates Men from Kings.

The fourth key is the key called "Love". Love frees you. It clears the path for much growth. it is also a killer of motives. Motives are brought on by selfishness. This becomes the shackle of most Men. Love can free you from that self imposed bondage.

The fifth key? It is faith. You must believe not only in yourself, but in knowing that you are always bigger than the circumstances you may ever face. You must believe that you have purpose. Take that belief in your purpose and put action to it. Ignore anyone and anything that works to shake that faith.

Take these keys and never leave Home without it.