A Level of Evolving: Letting Go of Infected, Toxic People.

Ever had people in your life who always avoid ownership of actions but complains about circumstances?

Always blames someone or something for anything that goes wrong?

Always has an excuse for not progressing, an excuse not to "Do", "Produce", or for the state that they are in?

Sometimes they will even blame YOU for the reasons they don't get, don't have, get turned down, or just because you won't "Enable" them....


Infected with a negative Spirit that only The Supreme can fix, not you. Know when that season is over. Avoid those types. We call those types "Crabs in a Barrel". They will bring you down eventually with guilt trips, negative views, and eventual betrayal. These are the times where you remove yourself.

Just take up more time to better yourself. Take up a foreign language class. Try a new computer course. Develop a workout plan. Learn to play an instrument. Anything that will take up time that you have no extra time to indulge in hanging out with negativity all around. It may cost you a friend or two, but it's far cheaper than the cost of time and energy wasted.

Think Big. Do Big Things. Leave Small Things Behind.

Everybody wasn't made to be with you your entire journey. Had to Learn That.

Yes, hope is there...You must ALWAYS have hope...It's always the last thing to die...But you MUST move... Everyone isn't made to move where you move, when you move.

Everyone has an appointed destiny. Your life’s decisions are the things that pertain to you ever reaching that destination.

Getting there can be prolonged by people trying to bring their destiny into yours. Pray for them. Have hope and have faith that they will get the message and grow as well, But don't live in enabling...Nor hindering yourself...

Some people are there for seasons and reasons. There are many we will encounter at different levels. Know when the next level begins. Often it's when your circle, your Aura, your energy, becomes infiltrated by constant negativity. You feel drained by encounters that should be, or once were enjoyable. There is no joy in the interactions, just “Tolerations“. These are the times to upgrade your expenditure of time on what grows your joy and builds a better “You”.

Your inner “G” (Energy) should be focused and placed within the acknowledgment of anything negative in your life should be either fixed, dealt with, or released. Action to keep the mind focused and Accessibility to new things to focus on are the tools of progress.

~ H Eddie

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